Our Pledge to You

Our Pledge is a guarantee of satisfaction that is unique to our industry and that provides you, the resident, with a peace of mind that you won't likely find with our competitors.

To honor our Pledge:

  • You will be treated fairly, honestly, and courteously by our team of caring professionals.
  • Your apartment will be prepared to your satisfaction when you move in.
  • If within the first 30 days after move in, you are not satisfied with your new Home Properties apartment and remain unsatisfied after our best efforts to remedy your specific concerns, we may offer an alternative of comparable size and features. If you are still unsatisfied, you will have the option to terminate your lease with payment of rent for days of tenancy and a $500 turnover fee.
  • As a resident in good standing, you may transfer to another available apartment in any Home Properties community, at any time, with a new lease. A transfer fee may apply.
  • Because life and circumstances can interfere with your plans, we offer the option to terminate your lease early. You may cancel your lease by giving a 60-day written notice and signing a release agreement. The release agreement requires a one-month termination fee. A $500 turnover fee will also apply if you are within the first year of your lease.

We are grateful that you have chosen to make our community your home. We will strive each day to meet or exceed your expectations. If we fail, we’ll try to make it right. Thank you for your residency. 

Please contact your property manager if you believe that we have failed to live up to Our Pledge.